Biggest Kitchen Design Trends in 2021

Biggest Kitchen Design Trends in 2021

Last year we saw a surge in popularity for emerald green and deep navy blue kitchen cabinets. In unison with this trend, we saw the integration of brass taps and finishes on top of sinks, adding warmth to the deep tones of the painted kitchen cabinets. 

So, what does 2021 have in store for us? From two-toned colour palettes to concealed kitchen and storage appliances, we have rounded up some of the biggest kitchen trends of 2021.

Natural & Warm Colour Palettes

Natural & Warm Colour Palettes

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Paint and colour experts, Dulux, announced that their colour of the year for 2021 is ‘Brave Ground’. This colour closely resembles that of cashmere and ivory and blends harmoniously with a myriad of colour palettes.  

The use of soft and gentle colours in our kitchen space invites a sense of relaxation and warmth. With the outside world proving itself to be full of uncertainties, it’s no surprise we desire a kitchen space that is welcoming, natural and stripped back at its core. Painting walls or cabinets with soft earthy colours brings a refreshing and natural feel to any kitchen space.

Natural neutral palettes, such as cashmere and ivory are incredibly versatile colours that can beautifully complement an array of pallettes. From dusky pinks to sage greens, this neutral palate can perfectly harmonise with a plethora of colours.

Concealed Kitchen storage & Appliances

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In a world where we now seek to declutter to enhance our mental health and wellbeing, it may come as no surprise that discrete handless kitchen cabinets have become one of the biggest kitchen design trends in 2021. 

With 35.9% of us now working from home, the need for a multi-functional kitchen space has never been greater. Hiding worktops, storage cabinets and appliances, like cookers and dishwashers, is a brilliant way to conserve space, minimize clutter and optimise worktop efficiency.

Concealed storage and appliances enhance spaces by seamlessly blending features into the surrounding environment, creating a sense of minimalism, sophistication and harmony within this kitchen space.

Revival of Wood

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In 2021, we have seen the revival of wood features in our kitchen spaces. After a long day of staring at our computer screens, the desire to want to see more natural textures, like stone and wood has grown exponentially. 

Now more than ever we seek out authentic and natural materials to ground us and help us feel more connected to the natural world around us.

With this in mind, designers are moving towards more eco-friendly and natural wood grain materials such as oak and walnut to create a warming feeling kitchen space. Rustic wood cabinets and worktops add a welcoming sense of character to any spaces and function as an aesthetic antidote to our busy and sometimes chaotic hi-tech lives.

Two-Toned Kitchens 

Two-Toned Kitchens

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With the recent revival of wood grain textures in cabinets and worktops, we’ve also seen the rise in popularity for two-toned kitchens too. Incorporating different materials, such as oak wood with a cold marble material can create added depth and warmth towards an otherwise one-toned room. 

Similarly, joining two bold and contrasting colours allows us to tap into and explore our creative side, by creating a unique and visually striking appearance to our kitchen space. 

This design trend is extremely versatile in that it allows us to paint cabinets, dining chairs, floors and window sills