Retail Footfall: How to Improve Your Store in 2019

Retail Footfall: How to Improve Your Store in 2019

The retail industry has constantly evolved.

However, now is the time where retailers have to make a number of big changes - sooner rather than later - if they are to survive in 2019.

Retail footfall is declining year on year. There are less customers going into stores. The rise and rise of e-commerce shows no signs of slowing down. The online world of shopping is eating up the retail world of shopping.

With what's available to consumers today, you need to position your stores in such a way that gives a customer more than just a place to transact. You need to offer them a better experience, something that they can't get when they simply 'point, click and ship' online. 

We've delved into the UK retail industry with the purpose of finding some of the best ways in which your retail stores can adapt in 2019. We've analysed data, uncovered the finer details and come up with some of the best solutions that put you at the forefront of what's possible.