High Pressure Laminates

At Geaves we truly understand what makes for a stylish and robust high-pressure laminate (HPL). They have many fantastic qualities, styles and functions, all of which help to make it the number one choice for designers looking to add something special to a commercial space.

Not only is it considered to be one of the most durable decorative surface materials around but it is also hugely versatile, hygienic and has a unique ability of being able to suit any type of design. Able to turn functional into fashionable, they provide a room with a unique quality that simply can’t be matched.

  • New Gentas Decors 2024
    New Gentas Decors 2024 view
  • Gentas G-INNO - Stocked
    Gentas G-INNO - Stocked view
  • Gentas Range - Stocked
    Gentas Range - Stocked view
  • Stylam  Plus - Stocked
    Stylam Plus - Stocked view
  • Sm'art by Geaves - Stocked
    Sm'art by Geaves - Stocked view
  • Compact Laminate
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  • Gentas Bespoke
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  • Stylam Bespoke
    Stylam Bespoke view
  • SM'art Bespoke
    SM'art Bespoke view