High Pressure Laminates

At Geaves we truly understand what makes for a stylish and robust high-pressure laminate (HPL). They have many fantastic qualities, styles and functions, all of which help to make it the number one choice for designers looking to add something special to a commercial space.

Not only is it considered to be one of the most durable decorative surface materials around but it is also hugely versatile, hygienic and has a unique ability of being able to suit any type of design. Able to turn functional into fashionable, they provide a room with a unique quality that simply can’t be matched.

Properties of High-Pressure Laminate

One of the main reasons high-pressure laminate is popular is because of its wide and impressive range of properties. 

  • Stylish – Extremely stylish due to its vast array of patterns, designs, colours and textures. Perfectly able to balance style with function, high-pressure laminate can be used in both bright, bold designs and smooth, subtle designs.

  • Versatile – Possibly its best feature is just how versatile it is. It will perfectly suit any type of style, from contemporary elegance to rustic charm and everything in between.

  • Hygienic – High-pressure laminate surface is extremely hygienic, so much so that it can be found in food preparation areas, hospitals, schools and dentists.

  • Robust – Thanks to its manufacturing process it is one of the strongest surfaces around. Strong yet stylish, HPL is incredibly robust and resilient.

  • Dependable – Frequently used in places where there is a high risk of damage, such as schools or bars, thanks to its water and heat-resistant qualities, it won’t let you down.

  • Consistent – Due to its reliable consistency many commercial companies look to it when rolling out consistent store programs and designs for shops, cafes, restaurants and bars as they can easily keep the same style throughout their locations.